Beginning in 1991 as strictly a life insurance agency founded by Steve Heinekamp, Heinekamp Financial Planning & Tax Service has developed over the years into a multi-faceted one-stop destination for virtually all of an individual’s financial planning needs.

Heinekamp Financial Planning & Tax Service offers a full range of financial planning and tax services including investment planning, tax planning and preparation, retirement planning, insurance planning, and estate planning. Additionally, we offer small businesses a full slate of tax and retirement services.

Now having grown from a sole individual planner to three full-time financial principals, our goal and commitment is to provide one-on-one, personalized service to all of our clients and to offer pathways to peace of mind for a lifetime of financial needs.


Due to the stay-at-home mandate issued by Governor Holcomb, we will be closing the office to in-person meetings and tax return pick-ups beginning Wednesday, March 25.

We are no longer taking on new tax clients for 2019 returns. 

The office will continue to stay open for essential personnel, however, and we will still be able to collect existing client data to prepare the return.  If you have an appointment set between March 25 and May 1st, we have a few different options for you to transmit your information:

In lieu of your tax appointment:

 Option 1(Recommended): We can provide you with a secure web link to upload your documents.  All you do is scan and then follow the instructions to upload the PDF(s) to the link.  We’ll take it from there.

Option 2: If you are unable to scan your tax documents or if the process is too cumbersome, you can drop-off your tax documents in the 24-hour drop-box located to the left of our office front door. Just load everything into an envelope and drop it in.  We’ll take it from there.

In lieu of in-person pick-up of your return:

Option 1 (Recommended):  Our office has electronic signature capabilities for personal tax returns.  We package up your return in a PDF document and it is emailed to you through a secure delivery.  You then “sign” the return through a Docusign system and it comes back to us.  Part of the process includes a screen for you to enter credit card information for payment. A physical “blue folder” can be prepared for pickup at a later time if requested.

Option 2 (Available under special circumstances):  We can mail the physical return to you. This is a pretty cumbersome process on our end, so we try to limit this to those that have no internet access or limited internet acumen.

Option 3 (Available under special circumstances): We will be offering a very limited amount of private signing appointments per day via the office space next door. This space will be sanitized after each pickup. Your tax documents will be laid out for signature prior to your appointment. The door will be propped open to save contact points. We recommend you bring your own pen but will have sanitized pens on hand. A member of our staff will be available from a socially appropriate distance to answer questions and offer instruction.

We will continue to work diligently to get the work done for you and we hope that our alternate procedures will provide you with a low hassle way to stay tax compliant.